Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thursday 10:15pm

Quick post before bed.

A doctor from neurosurgery came by to check on Isabelle's puffiness and her swollen belly. He said he cannot think of anything it could be except constipation and gas so I guess that is good. I don't see how it could be constipation since she has had a bowel movement today and pretty much nonstop from Monday to Tuesday. But hey I'm not a doctor. Just her mom who probably knows her better than they do. But whatever, no hard feelings or anything.

Anyways, the nurse and I gave her a suppository and the doc prescribed her Mylicon drops for gas. At least it can't hurt so ok.

Isabelle is now sleeping soundly and I am hopefully about to be doing the same. Please pray that the child in the room next to us quits screaming or no one will be sleeping tonight. And that his oxygen monitor quits going off because it is loud and annoying me. AND, that the nurses outside shut up too.

Wow, maybe I am a little cranky today myself.


  1. Well, I know exactly how you feel! Very hard to get rest at the hospital. My favorite part is the aides coming in to take vitals while you are trying to rest. And the nurses' laughing. And the monitors. Yep, been there and done that. I'll pray for some good restful sleep for you tonight girl. If you need anything, let me know!

    Kelly Fleming

  2. I'm glad she's doing well! That's funny about the h2o monitor. We wanted to kill it last week too!