Sunday, July 5, 2009

Savoring the Moments

Because I will be extremely busy the next two days I wanted to give you guys one last post before Isabelle is admitted to the hospital on Wednesday.

Since I found out Isabelle was to have the spinal fusion I have spent every moment with her that I could doing any thing and every thing fun that I could think of. We went to the pond to feed the ducks bread. Although Isabelle doesn't actually feed the ducks she just eats the bread herself. But either way she likes it. We have gone to the beach, we have gone to the pool, we got our pictures taken today and then tonight we (well I) played with fireworks. She loved them!

Tomorrow I will be working 9-530 since my one of my coworkers was so sweet enough to switch with me so I could be at the hospital with Belli on Saturday (thanks Amy!). We have a BIG day planned for Tuesday though. We will be at the zoo from 9-11 then straight to Children's for preadmitting paperwork. After that we will probably come home for lunch then off again for more swimming and swinging at our neighborhood pool and park. I may not even make her take a nap. Wait...did I just say that? The routine Nazi? Noooooo, surely not. I guess it won't hurt just this once. So, because we have such a busy schedule this likely well be my last post until after the Halo attachment Wednesday. I will update you guys as soon as I can.

On a more serious note, as most of you are aware this surgery is going to be very dangerous. While the chances are small it is possible that Isabelle may not make it through this surgery. Any time you are dealing with someones spinal cord there is always that risk. While I do know that God has a plan and He knows exactly what he is doing that does not make it any easier to hand your baby off to a nurse not knowing if you will ever hold her again.

I ask that you guys please keep Isabelle, the doctors and nurses who will be caring for her and me in your prayers over the next few days and particularly on July 8th which will be the Halo attachment and the day of surgery which should be July 15th.

I will be back with updates on Wednesday.


  1. amanda,
    you and sweet isabelle will be in my prayers...along with the skilled nurses, doctors, and all who will have a hand in her surgery and recovery. may you have peace and much happiness in the next two days before the wild ride begins! love you and am here if you need always...loyally...julia

  2. I have an apple if your nose starts running.

  3. And you said you would never start a blog either...

  4. I am praying big time for Isabelle and you! Please give that brave girl a kiss from Naphne!

  5. Thinking of you two this morning... sending lots of love and prayers.