Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday Morning Update

Isabelle had a pretty good day yesterday. Once we sat her up some more she was much happier. She played most of the day. I kicked everyone out of the room at 12 for lunch and nap time and she ended up sleeping for about an hour. She did get sick and vomited last night around 7 and then it started coming out of the other end a few times. After that she really seemed to feel good. The only down side was that when she vomited her feeding tube curled up and came out of her so the nurse had to put it in last night around 8:30. Isabelle of course threw a fit but once the nurse got it in she went right to sleep. They came and x-rayed her just to make sure the tube was in the right place which woke her up. The tube was in the right place so they started her feedings but it some how kept getting kinked up so we had to adjust it a few times and get another x-ray. This ordeal lasted until about 1:00am when the nurse just gave up and decided to wait until this morning when she was awake. Thank God or we would not have slept all night.

Isabelle's surgeon did come by yesterday to check on her and he said everything looked good. He has gotten anymore x-rays or anything but as far as the swelling and movement goes she looked good. She was asking me yesterday if she could walk so I asked the doctor and he said he didn't see any reason she couldn't as long as we are holding on to her since it would be very bad if she fell. He is going to have someone from PT and OT come in to see us and maybe give us some tips on stuff we can do at home. Daphne, we expect you at our house for PT as soon as we get home =-)

So far this morning Isabelle has been GREAT. She ate three Ritz crackers, two bites of a French toast stick, four bites of chocolate pudding and she drank 1/4 of a carton of milk. That's pretty good for someone who hasn't eaten on their own for a week and a half. Right now she is watching an Elmo movie and being a happy camper. As for myself, I'm going to take a shower so I won't smell anymore. You're Welcome =-)

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  1. Sounds like she is doing great! I will be ready and waiting to be at your house once you get home!! Please post a blog about how she does with inpatient PT!!! I'm so glad she is happier and eating!! Give her a hug from Naphne!