Wednesday, July 15, 2009


We are at the hospital. I went back and spoke with Isabelle's nurse and who I am assuming was one of the PICU doctors. She slept all night from the time I left at 10 until about 7 this morning. I am so glad she got a good nights sleep. The surgery is scheduled for 9am and they will call me before they take her down so I can see her. They will not let me stay with her until then because "visiting hours don't start until 830." I have a few select words for them at the moment but I will choose not to say them and try to be nice. I will update as often as I can through out the day so please keep checking back.

Please pray for my Belli today.

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  1. The prayers are steadily flowing for that angel (and her mom) :) We love you and know that all things will work out for good! Hang in there "Mandy"!