Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday Update

Just a few quick things to update on. Sorry it took me so long but this is the first time I have both had access to a computer and was not busy working. My mom was with Isabelle today while I was at work so I have not actually spoken with the doctor so I am just going from what my mom has told me. So here goes...

Report from the doctor- Isabelle's curve did not improve any over the weekend. He came in this morning and moved Isabelle to the top of the bed with Isabelle's head hanging off. The traction weights where holding her head up but she was basically hanging off. This ended up not working because she kept sliding backwards and hitting her head on the metal post holding the traction up. They ended up putting her on a wedge with some pillows and blankets around her to keep her still. Her head is now hanging off of the wedge instead (I will post a picture tonight or tomorrow). While I am not a doctor and I am sure Isabelle's doctor knows what he is doing I am not really seeing how this is working. She continues to slide back on the wedge so they are having to move her back down every 20 minutes or so. Hopefully once she falls asleep she won't slide up as much. Surgery is still set for Wednesday morning around 7 or 730. I will have more details on that tomorrow.

Other medical updates- Isabelle still has not thrown up since starting the Zantac. She has also pooped about 80 millions times today so she is feeling much better. From what my mom and sister told me she was in a pretty good mood most of the day except when they were moving around a lot. She has only had Morphine twice today and had she still been just lying in the bed instead of on this wedge thing she may not have needed it. She did not have any total meltdowns but small ones. What she is laying on seems to be kind of unstable so it is even more important now that she doesn't move than it has been this whole week.

There really aren't anymore updates other than those. With only one more day left until the surgery my nerves are really starting to hit. Please continue to pray for strength for both Isabelle and me. Wednesday morning will likely be the hardest time in my life knowing that when she goes behind those doors I may never see my sweet girl on this earth again. Pray for her safety and the hands of her surgeon and others who will be involved in the surgery. I will let you guys know the plan once I speak to the doctor tomorrow.


  1. It's like you want the surgery to happen because you know it needs to happen, but you are scared for it to come at the same time. I know you will both get through this. Hopefully the strange wedge positioning will help - sounds very odd. Take care of you two and try not to worry.

  2. Sending loads and loads of prayer and positive energy your way.