Saturday, July 25, 2009

White Is Okay, Yellow and Green Are Not

Sorry for the lack of updates! My internet was down all day yesterday so I wasn't able to get online. I hope I haven't disappointed my readers too badly =-)

We have had a very busy past two days. Thursday I finally felt Isabelle was well enough and comfortable enough with sitting to let her go outside. She sat in her wagon and I pulled her around the backyard. We also blew bubbles and pulled leaves off the bushes. Eleven to be exact. I'm not sure why but that is how many leaves Isabelle wanted. She had a great time and sat very well in her wagon. The only downsides were that she now constantly asks to go outside and going outside makes her smell so I don't like to do it too often.

Friday was an even busier day. We had to take a trip to the ER because one of Isabelle's pin sites had some discharge. Apparently the neurosurgery department doesn't have clinic on Fridays so they told us to go to the ER instead. We waited. And waited. And waited some more. And finally after about two hours one of the neurosurgery residents came in to look at her and said everything was fine. Which was great...but a waste of my time. He said that white discharge (which is what Isabelle had) was ok as long as it didn't smell and she wasn't having any fever or other symptoms of infection. He said to just call if anything gets worse or if it starts to have yellow or green discharge which apparently is NOT ok. Personally I don't think the white discharge is "ok" but hey I'm not the doctor. Another one of the pin sites also looked very red and irritated but did not have anything coming out of it. He said that one was fine too and that redness didn't always mean infection. So he sent us home and upon waking up this morning that very same pin site that was "ok" is now leaking too. Great! And on a weekend when the ER is jam packed. I think I will just watch it and see what happens before I put myself through that.

Isabelle also did not sleep last night. I'm not sure exactly what the problem was except that she just wanted to watch an Elmo movie. I finally picked her up after about and hour and she immediately perked up. So then I knew she wasn't feeling bad...just wanted to play. I sat down in the glider with her and she fell asleep almost immediately. I laid her back down and she of course immediately started screaming. I stayed strong though and left her there. She eventually fell asleep after an hour or so. So, we are both exhausted and I have to work today. But I will try not to complain to much. I would much rather have her here waking up all night than not here to wake up at all.

Check back tomorrow. I am going to try and post some new pictures.

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  1. Sorry you and Isabelle had a rough night. I pray the discharge stays white or none at all would be good. I am glad Issy is getting to ride in her wagon, I know how much she likes that. Give her a kiss. Love yall, Aunt Linda