Thursday, July 9, 2009

Missed Visiting Hours

The PICU has been closed since 2pm so I have not seen Isabelle since then. They will some times keep the PICU closed if they are performing procedures on a patient or if they bring some one in who is in pretty bad shape. Based on the activity in the waiting room over the past few hours I am pretty sure they brought some one in who is in pretty serious condition. There have been a lot of people in and out who I am pretty sure are all family members and from what I overheard some one is not doing very well. While I am sad and slightly irritated I was unable to see Isabelle I do feel very blessed that she is doing relatively well right now.

Isabelle's great and wonderful PT from The Bell Center came by earlier to visit while the PICU was closed but she was able to go in there and peek in on her. She said she was laying in there with her blanky on her face and kicking her legs around. She is probably watching her Elephant Movie.

**I was just told by another mom in the waiting room that they are preforming a surgery in the PICU right now and they are not sure whether they will be opening for the 8-10 visiting hours either =-( **

I will update again if we are able to go in and see her later. If not then some time tomorrow.

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  1. I can't imagine how hard it is for you to not be able to go back there with her!! That's great news that her curve is straigthening out some and that she slept last night. I'd like to come by tomorrow to see her. If you have time, could you email me when visiting hours are? My email is daphwallpt at yahoo . com. I know you are really busy so if you don't get a chance I understand!! Daphne