Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday 7/19

Isabelle had another great day today. I really do not have anything new to update on medically speaking but I just wanted to let everyone know she was doing well. Earlier tonight she figured out that she can use her halo as a table. She kept putting toys and her DVD cases on top of her head. My camera was dead so I wasn't able to get a picture but I will try to get it next time. Hope you guys enjoyed the pictures.

Check back every once in a while tomorrow. I may have a BIG surprise for you guys.


  1. Sweet little girl! I'm so happy she is doing well today! She is adorable! Thanks for posting the pictures. She looks like a little ham!

  2. It is great to hear the good news on Little Miss Thang :) I am glad to hear you are doing well, too. I know a huge weight is lifted off you to see her in such great spirits. Raylin and I are going to try and come this weekend. I'll check with you later in the week to make sure everything is ok for us to come visit. Love you guys and I'm so happy things are going so well!!

  3. Thanks for the pictures of beautiful Isabelle. She is such a blessing from God. I pray you both will have a great day. Love ya, Aunt Linda

  4. She is such a hoot! I love hearing that her "fiesty" side is coming back. What a trooper! I'm eagerly waiting to hear this surprise ;) !