Friday, July 10, 2009

Pink Playdoh Please

Since a few minutes after I added this post Isabelle woke up extremely upset and got herself so worked up she vomited again. She is now in and out of sleep and we are waiting for someone from Neurosurgery to come up and let us know what they want us to do about changing the sheets.

*Original Post*
Isabelle has had the best morning yet. When I first got here she was a little upset because she wants me to pick her up so badly but after a few minutes she calmed down and we had a great time playing and reading books for almost two hours. Remember the great and wonderful PT Holley I mentioned in a previous post? Well she is super great and wonderful today because Isabelle LOVED the play-doh she brought for her to play with. We spent about 45 minutes just throwing play-doh. She did a great job naming all the colors and counting how many play-doh balls she was holding at one time. She was giggling like a silly little girl. She also told my dad "Back up Bubba" when he walked in the room. For some reason my dad taught her to say that whenever some one or some thing was in her way. So now whenever she sees him she says, "Back up Bubba." So, she is doing great so far today and right now she is sleeping.

As for medical updates I was able to speak with her surgeon today and he said that the x-ray they took this morning looks even better than the one yesterday. So, the traction is still working. He said that he was going to go ahead and start getting things set up for surgery on Wednesday so that likely will be the day. He also mentioned that he was still deciding which side he was going to fuse first but that it will likely be the back (posterior). I did ask him if it was necessary to do both the front and back since Isabelle's original surgeon thought he would only do the posterior. He said that if he is able to get her neck in perfect or almost perfect alignment then he might be able to fuse just the back and over time the growth on the anterior side may correct it even more. He said this was possible but not likely. While I pray that I am just able to take my girl home alive and well this scenario would of course be ideal.

More updates later. Possibly some pictures too if I can find the cord to upload them on to my computer.

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