Monday, July 27, 2009

Check Up Tomorrow- Please Pray

I hope this post finds everyone well. I apologize for not having many updates about Isabelle the past few days but frankly I have not had a whole lot to write about. I guess no news is good news though! I have also been hoping that the lack of Belli updates would help you guys concentrate on sweet baby Stellan and his family who is in much more need of prayers right now than my sweet Isabelle who is doing VERY well as of now.

She still has not gone poopie...yikes! Don't worry too much though. For those of you who don't know Isabelle that well this is actually kinda of normal for her which is why she takes Miralax every day. But still, since she is already uncomfortable in the halo not pooping doesn't make it any better.

Aside from that she has been in a great mood. I finally let her venture off of her blue mat that I make her sit on in case she falls and she has been a new person ever since. It is extremely stressful for me because I worry about her falling over. But hey, at least she is happy. Her pin sites are starting to look much better too. The one in the back has not had any drainage in the past few days and the one in the front is looking better every day.

We have an appointment with Isabelle's surgeon tomorrow for x-rays and a progression check up. I have been increasingly nervous about this check up through out the day. Please keep us in your prayers tonight and tomorrow. As I have said before there is always the chance that the fusion will not work and her surgeon will have to go back and do it again. And of course the same risks from the last surgery will apply to another surgery as well.

Please pray that we get a GREAT report from her doctor tomorrow and that every thing looks good with regards to her spine. Also, for her pin sites to stay uninfected and she remain healthy through out this journey. Please also continue to keep Stellan in your thoughts and prayer as well. Don't forget, you can click on the icon to the right that says, "Praying for Stellan," to read his story and get updates on him. I will update tomorrow after the appointment as soon as I can.


  1. One on my friends uses a small baby dropper syringe thingy with a few cc's of warm water in it and injects it into her baby's booty to help go potty. It seems to work very well. :D

  2. Sorry I did not post a comment yesterday. I did check the blog (thanks for the beautiful pictures) everytime I started to type the phone rang or someone walked in the office, as they have just now. We are praying for Isabelle and you. Love Aunt Linda