Thursday, July 9, 2009

15 Minutes My Foot

Someone from the PICU finally came out at 9:45 to let us know they were opening back up. You could hear the excited murmurs of all the families who had been waiting hours to see their babies. Then a collective groan when the woman finished her sentence with "for fifteen minutes."

Fifteen minutes? What? You're flipping kidding me right?!?!?! No, they weren't kidding. I got to go in and see Isabelle just long enough to read her night night book and tell her goodnight. She was pretty upset while I was in there. She wants me to pick her up so badly that sometimes I think she is more upset while I am in there.

As for medical updates her surgeon did come by this afternoon and put a new collar on since she threw up on her old one. Hmm....yea that's about it.

On a side note that has nothing to do with Isabelle particularly I did want to ask that while you guys are praying for Isabelle if you could please say an extra prayer for the young lady in the PICU that they were performing the surgery on earlier. It is unusual for them to perform surgeries in the PICU so for them to have not had time to even get her to the operating room something very serious must have been going on. There were also large amounts of people who I am sure were her family and friends that all got there very quickly which leads me to believe they felt she wasn't going to make it. I of course have no idea what was going on or her medical status but as of 10pm when I left the PICU she was in her room sleeping.

More updates on Isabelle tomorrow. Good night.

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