Wednesday, July 15, 2009

2:30 Update- Surgery Complete

Thank God! I just spoke with Isabelle's surgeon. The surgery is over and everything went great! Her spine did not end up being as straight as it was when Nadine saw her because when they put the graft in it popped back a little but he said he was pleased with how it looked. Her nerves still seem to be working fine so she should be able to move around just as much as she could before. He did end up fusing only C2-C6. Isabelle is still on the ventilator right now and it will be up to the anethesia team to decide when to take her off. He said that since everything went well and her spinal cord did not seem to be damaged it would probably be later this afternoon but they may wait until tomorrow morning just to be on the safe side. Once the tube is out and she is breathing on her own we can all breathe a little easier. They are going to wake her up a little now just to make sure she is still moving everything and they will bring her back to the PICU shortly.

Thank you all so much for your prayers and support through out this past week. It is amazing to see how many people care so much about my Belli. The immediate danger is now over but we do still have a very long road ahead of us. Please continue to keep us in your prayers. Thanks again!


  1. She is amazing! You are amazing! And we are all so thrilled to hear that the suregery went so well. We've been thinking and praying for you all day today. Lots of love!!

  2. Thank, God!!! I have been praying all day!!!

  3. Yay for Belli! I know you are so relieved. You and Belli are in my prayers all of the time. God is so GREAT!
    I love you both so much
    "Cousin" Lori

  4. So glad to hear that things went well! We will keep praying for Isabelle's recovery! Did you find out yet if one surgery is going to do it? I hope so.