Thursday, July 9, 2009

Elephant Movie

We arrived at the hospital this morning to a very pleasant surprise. Sweet Isabelle was not only awake but she was not crying and even laughing a little bit. A huge weight was lifted off my heart. The nurse told us that earlier in the morning before we got there Isabelle was begging for her Elephant Movie. Of course the nurse had no idea what she was talking about. Who on earth would know that the Elephant Movie is actually Baby Einstein's Baby Noah which has a picture of an elephant on the front. The poor nurse looked through every movie in her room and offered it to Isabelle but all she wanted was her Elephant Movie. We played ball for a little while and then played with her Elmo balloon. She got a big kick out of letting go of the balloon and letting it hit the ceiling.

So far the only bad part of the day was when we had to change Isabelle's sheet because her diaper got so full it started leaking on the bed. It also got the blanket they had laying underneath her wet. The problems started when we tried to pull the blanket out we realized that part of it was caught on one of the pin sites underneath her head. We ended up having to get a couple of other nurses to come in and help lift her head up so we could get it out. This ticked her off so bad that she threw up...again. The plus side is that at least this time she was tilted to where it rolled down the side of her face and into her collar instead of up her head. Now we are just waiting on someone from Neurosurgery to bring Isabelle a new collar and she will be good to go.

I did get a chance to speak with Isabelle's surgeon this morning and he let me know that the x-rays they have taken of Isabelle since being put in traction look good. The curve in her neck has straightened out a little and hopefully by next Wednesday it will be almost completely straight making it much easier for him to do the fusion.

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