Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tuesday Run Down

Ate a good breakfast
Watched Elmo
Watched Elmo
Kept tilting to the left while watching Elmo
Ate one bite of grilled cheese for lunch
Took a nap
Had a snack
Watched Elmo
Sat up straight while watching Elmo
Watched more Elmo
Decided sitting was boring and started scooting around on butt
Had one bite of pizza for dinner
Had a visitor who brought some really great stuff from her and some other really GREAT people
Went to bed
Mom went to see Harry Potter
Mom came home to me awake and rocking in the chair with Mimi. Oops! Got caught!
Laid in bed and called for mommy for an hour
Gave up, it ain't gonna happen

1 comment:

  1. You have a very special little girl, and leave her and mimi alone. I am off today and would love to come visit, but I think Ashton has a temp so another day will be good. And he would think he wants to help her get that thing off her head; he his a big helper. Have a great day. Love, Aunt Linda and Ashton