Friday, July 17, 2009

The Diaper Runneth Over

Isabelle has been pooping all night and all day. Her tummy is much less swollen and she feels a lot better. But, our room kinda stinks now and we didn't get any sleep last night.

I don't really have any news to update on. The doctor is in surgery most of the day on Fridays so it might be a while until we see him. We have had Isabelle sitting up in the bed and she seems to have really enjoyed that. She still has not eaten or had very much to drink so we might start tube feeding her again or we might wait a couple more days to see if she will eat on her own. I will let you guys know though.

I will update again if the doctor has anything new to say



  2. Well, the poop is a good thing..though the smell might be another story! I hope the kid next door stops screaming so you can all sleep!! That's great that Isabelle is getting to sit up now!! Can't wait to see pictures!!

  3. Well, thank God that she's not (as my grandma used to say) "bound up." Is she still in the halo and/or a neck brace? Are they talking about a "go home" time yet? I know you are really ready to have baby-girl back home with you so you can sleep in your bed and she can sleep in hers.

    Love, Work Amy :)