Friday, July 10, 2009

Trow Up

My poor girl just can't decide if she wants to be happy, playing, and giggling....or throwing up. When we went in for the 4-6 visiting hours she was the happiest and most normal I have seen her yet. One of Isabelle's other PT's, Daphne, came by to visit. When we walked in Isabelle yelled "Hi Mommy! Hiya Naphne!" It was adorable. Daphne also brought her some really great stuff to play with. Isabelle especially loves the pinwheel. Thanks Daphne! We read books and colored on the magnadoodle. Threw some more know, normal stuff. When I left at 6 she was just falling asleep.

When we went back again at 8 she was doing pretty well for about 30 minutes. She was very calm and watching her Elmo movie. Then she started whining a little bit so I walked over to her to see if she was ok and she looked at me and said in the softest, sweetest voice, "Trow up." And throw up she did. Twice actually. So, the have stopped her feeds for now and the PICU doctor has prescribed her some Zantac hoping the this will keep her from vomiting. Duh?!?! Why didn't I think of that? I mean she was on Zantac for reflux until she was 16 months old. Hmm, guess I forgot. Sorry Belli! So hopefully this will work and the poor baby will be able to stop getting sick.

I did take some pictures and some videos today of Isabelle's more happy moments that I will likely post tomorrow. But for now it is time for bed.

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  1. Are they feeding her with an NJ tube? I thought she shouldn't throw up being fed that way. I am assuming she just on formula, could she be having a problem with that particular formula or is it something she has normally or has had before? I hope they get it figured out soon. If the Zantac doesn't work, maybe they can try prevacid. Reglan doesn't prevent reflux, but it does make you digest faster, so it might help too.

    Give Isabelle some big hugs from Luke!