Friday, July 10, 2009

Afternoon Update

Isabelle has had a rough couple of hours. She had a hard time falling back to sleep after she vomited but after about 45 minutes she was finally able to rest peacefully. She slept for another 45 minutes but woke up again even more upset than the first time. She was kicking and throwing her arms around. She got so wild that she almost turned on her side in the Halo. The nurse paged Neurosurgery and they decided they were going to have to give her morphine so she would stay calm. She is supposed to stay straight in her bed in order for the traction to work but that is difficult when she is moving around like that. When I left at 2 she was calm and quite watching her Elmo movie.

In case you guys were wondering the young lady I asked you to pray for yesterday is currently on life support. Please continue to pray for her and her family as well. More updates later.

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  1. Just finished my daily Isabelle update. I just want to thank you so much for keeping us up to date, as we think of you and your "Belli" everyday. You both are truly an inspiration. She's a tough, little cookie... I wonder where she gets that from?! Lots of love to you all. Give extra kisses to your sweet girl from mine. Praying for a restful night.